Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vice Germany Green Disco Review is here!

Good ole Vice... love em or hate em, usually they are quite hilarious, as long as the joke is not on you... sometimes i walk down the street and think "Do!" at people, or "Don't!!" and chuckle on the inside... Anyhow, they have given me a (cough) 7 for the new CD, which is I suppose, above average, but on the other hand the review mentions nothing about the music except where esteemed journalist "Orestessen" says: "Irgendwie scheinen alle zu schlafen, die großen Plattenfirmen sind voll beschäftigt mit dem Finger im eigenen Arsch, also bringt Justine Green Disco einfach selber raus."
So thanks for your understanding, "O", and you can read the rest of the abstraction (and there is another graphical surprise waiting at the top of their page for you oh trusty fan) here:
Vice Germany Green Disco Review
Liebe Grüße
btw if you write me a consoling comment I will send you the new Great Skate Date EP for FREE!


groupof5 said...

Great news, I already bought the single Petting Zoo and can't wait for the abum.

groupof5 said...

Great news, I already purchased the single Petting Zoo and can't wait for the album.

me said...

So how do I send you the EP? LOVE your drawings by the way!!

Buy the Christmas EP on CD!!! Worldwide delivery!!!

Just click on the "Christmas EP" link there and it will take you to the bandcamp link where you can order the CD!

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