Wednesday, December 26, 2018

OMG Watch me on T.V.!!!

Justine Electra mit Jens Olesen bei Der Tag on the Deutsche Welle.
It's all deutsch to me, but if you sprechen sie deutsch you will find it perhaps entertaining... :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Order CDs in time for the Record Release and Christmas!!!

Hello my dear friend and hopefully, artistic soulmate.
The official Christmas in Berlin EP CD will be released on the 6th of December, so I am taking orders and posting them off right now. Autographed with gold pen (specify if you do or don't want that in the message). Just click here to go to Bandcamp and use that order form. The info then gets sent to me and I will send the CD(s) from my packet shop downstairs (handy right!?). Whether you are situated in Deutschland, the UK, the USA, Australia or even the Cayman Islands I will do my best to get the CD to you.

Christmas in Berlin

Christmas is the Time

Der Weihnachtsmann

Order Justine Electra CDs and merch!!!

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Christmas EP - Weihnachts EP !!! Live Show!!!

Hey there! We're going to celebrate Nikolaus in style!!! With Nova Huta, Neoangin and Justine Electra all LIVE and in CONCERT!!! With Christiane Rösinger (Britta, Ja! Panik), André Abshagen (PET, Dauerfisch), Tobias Richtsteiger and Robert Kretzschmar (Kat Frankie, Mascha Qrella), VJ Cylixe and many presents courtesy of Jim Avignon aka der Weihnachtsmann :-D Upstairs there will be a DJ and the party will go till around 3am. Let the guys in the office know you will be a little late on Friday :-) Don't forget to buy the brand new Justine Electra CD (5€) and the stofftaschen with the Karen Strempel Logo on them (6€). Look forward to seeing you all then, old friends and new ♥ Justine Electra Christmas EP, Weihnachts EP Xmas EP Record Release, Neoangin Christmas Show

Friday, March 3, 2017

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spex CD review and song on the promo CD!!!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Order the new Justine Electra - Green Disco album for Christmas!!!

Hi you.
If you would like me to personally send you one or more of the new CD album "Green Disco" in time for Christmas for only 10€ (autographed of course!) then please fill out the order form below. The postage is as follows:
germany 1.45€
australia 3.45€
usa 3.45€
uk 3.45 €

Here's the link :-)

Or just download it from iTunes:

If you would prefer to use Amazon then go for it, but the special doesn't apply.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vice Germany Green Disco Review is here!

Good ole Vice... love em or hate em, usually they are quite hilarious, as long as the joke is not on you... sometimes i walk down the street and think "Do!" at people, or "Don't!!" and chuckle on the inside... Anyhow, they have given me a (cough) 7 for the new CD, which is I suppose, above average, but on the other hand the review mentions nothing about the music except where esteemed journalist "Orestessen" says: "Irgendwie scheinen alle zu schlafen, die großen Plattenfirmen sind voll beschäftigt mit dem Finger im eigenen Arsch, also bringt Justine Green Disco einfach selber raus."
So thanks for your understanding, "O", and you can read the rest of the abstraction (and there is another graphical surprise waiting at the top of their page for you oh trusty fan) here:
Vice Germany Green Disco Review
Liebe Grüße
btw if you write me a consoling comment I will send you the new Great Skate Date EP for FREE!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Live video of Great Skate Date from new EP!

Thanks everyone for coming and supporting me and Tonia Reeh!!!
Thanks Hannes Früh for making such a snazzy video and uploading it in record time!!!
Thanks especially Sylvain Carroz - one of the world's best sound engineers!!!
Thanks Marc Weiser for an uncomplicated and generous deal!!!
Big Love All Around xxx

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

EP Release Party 21st September!!!

Hey! If you can make it down to a place called "Urban Spree" (hopefully not a synonym for Media Spree!) then try to on September the 21st. I'll be playing there, as well as my friend Tonia Reeh, and we'll both be releasing our records (Tonia's LP and my EP) at the same time. Let me know if you'd like a spot on the guestlist, as I have around 15 places free. And don't forget to bring your 10€ for a preview first-edition signed copy of the as yet unreleased Green Disco album (to be released officially on December 6th)!!! See you there!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The CDs have arrived!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Green Disco Album Release 6th December 2013!!!

Yes it's official. The new album artwork and mastered tracks have finally been sent to the CD plant, and will be ready to pre-order in 10 days or so!!!
If the vinyl interest is high enough, then we'll make a vinyl too! The singles are all going to come out in July and August, with exciting and provocative B-sides (really!) well at least that's the reaction I always get when they are played, so since I am too lazy to put them on the album, I'll just get 'em out this way :-) Andre from Neun Volt Records is helping me immensely with the preparation for the promo, and my new flatmate Hannah O'Hare was like an angel from heaven completing the changes on the artwork for me this last week, so I especially have to thank the both of you. And Hannes Früh has been endlessly supportive with all kinds of photographic and domestic forays, and Steffen Bartneck too of course, so I have to thank the both of you too. The other massive hero in this story is Jens Friebe who is my backer on the CD manufacturing front, THANK YOU JENS!!!
I am sooo happy, this is finally happening!!!
Neun Volt Recordings
Jens Friebe
Hannes Früh
Michael Okraj
Karen Strempel
Dominik Mader

Friday, March 30, 2012

New Single from Upcoming Album Release Today!!!

Hey guys!
Today I am proud to present my new single "Petting Zoo"!
It's been mixed by me, and mastered by my dear friend Stephan Ruhl.
The B-side (or double A depending on your musical taste) is called "Denim Dreaming" and was recorded and mixed in Michael Henk's studio, and Stephan and Duncan Schmoll helped me with the string sections :-)
You can get it here:
Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo
and here:
haute areal shop:
Petting Zoo


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DJ Save the Animals feat. Justine Electra

Yo Landy
If you are around on Friday, and happen to enjoy Nippon Darkness amongst other of my techno-leaning tracks, then well aren't you in for a treat :-) The first ever DJ Save the Animals (Live) featuring Justine Electra concert ever will be revealed at Sternchen in Mitte.
Here is the flyer:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Live Show

I'm playing at Flittchen bar in Berlin tomorrow night if you would like to pop by. I for one would like to see you!
Here are the details:

"Hello You,
You told me "Let me know next time you're playing!!!" so here it goes:
On Thursday, Donnerstag, Tomorrow, I'm playing 3 songs at Flittchen bar. With band. I will be on really really early though (22uhr) so Come Early Please and Let's Hang Out and Drink a Beer!
And on Friday I'm DJing for Natalie and Jens' Birthday Party at Magnet Bar. That will most probably be total chaos, so come to that too, if you can :-)
Yay Summer!!!!!

Hier der flyer:
Flittchenbar am 7.Juli -letzte Flittchenbar vor der Sommerpause

Am 7.Juli lädt die Flittchenbar ein zur Girl Monster Gala (GMG)

Julie Miess, Bassistin von der Band Britta und auch bei der Jens
Friebe Band hat zusammen mit Christiane Rösinger diesen
Monsterabend "kuratiert".
Dr. horr Julie Miess befasst sich nicht nur wissenschaftlich mit
dem Thema Horror und Gender sondern hat auch mit der Gruppe Half
Girl ihre wissenschaftlichen Thesen musikalisch verarbeitet.

Ausserdem spielen die unheimlichen Maiden Monsters aus Kreuzberg
ihren stark beunruhigenden Monsterrock
und Killalady Justine Elektra, die in Berlin gestrandete Sirene
aus Australien, bringt ihre betörenden Weisen mit den Mitteln
neuester Elektronik zu Gehör.

Am Dj turm:
Christina Monsterandmore ( Frankfurt)

und Jenny Zylka (Berlin )

Außerdem wieder mit mit ein, zwei Gruselsongs dabei
Andreas Spechtl und Christiane Rösinger

und das allseits beliebte monströse Quiz "Erkennen Sie die Melodie?"

Sommeröffnungszeiten, Einlass 21 Uhr, Beginn ca 22.Uhr."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Artist Future - Weasel's Fist

Jan Hendrik Meyer. What a wonderful man-child. I had the good fortune to "live" or more likely "philosophise" with Jan for 2 years back at the turn of the century, and am all the more rich for it. He has a beautiful gentle way about him. He is huge and has a sweet gangliness about him which he over-emphasizes with intimate compliments and sweet self-deprecation. He is a blonde viking, and it offsets his drawing prowess beautifully. He knows EVERYTHING about film, art, music and Tocotronic. He taught me alot. Alot! I'm still searching for films he told me about, or showed me back then when we enjoyed our communal existence. And his personal charisma is unequalled. He takes grown men and women and turns them into putty in his hands with no more than 5 words and a head-cock to the side. You should have seen the flatmate interviews! We had to rent a room out once and did that notice-in-the-paper "Shallow Grave" type thing, where the potential tenants turn up all washed and sprightly and you and your other flatmates pose test questions like: "If you got into the shower and noticed the drain was full of pubes would you a) scream b) cover them with the soap or c) put on rubber gloves and remove them? or d) all of the above. The potential flatmates always fell in love with Jan in about 5 seconds flat and then would just shake trying to think up answers just so's they'd get to live with that hot gentle giant:

Now he lives in the idyllic countryside and composes songs with a passion. He has 29 uploads already! Here's one of them:

for heaven's sake let's dance by weasel's fist

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 66 Song 66 - Fall By My Side

Good day to you Sir/Madame! If you are reading this, then welcome to my blog. If you scroll down you will find literally LOADS of my songs, all embedded in soundcloud players, ready to be listened to, with their accompanying anecdotes written above each track. If you follow this link to my Soundcloud Radio Station, you can listen to all my songs so far, one after the other, and simply enjoy the audio experience. Obviously you may skip around as well, according to your emotional needs ;-)
It's true, my song writing knows no end. That's not a boast, it's just the way it is. Some people are good at tax returns, some people are good at giving speeches, some people are good at running an office, or any combination of those - I on the other hand can write songs. My production ethic is pretty much speed-oriented. I like to capture inspiration and just go for it, and get a song recorded within 24 hours. If I don't record it, then I notate it and put it in a folder along with millions of other scraps of lyrics, melodies and chords, to wait until the necessary project or time frame to dig it out.
As well as that I have a whole swag of unfinished demos, and that's pretty much what this blog is all about. I just got sad one day that all of these sweet songs of mine were gathering dust on my harddrive and never getting heard. So I decided to be brave and let all my not-yet-grown-up-babies be put on aural display in the hope that one day some-one will discover them and find a place for them in their heart.
Maybe that some-one is You!
At the moment I'm on holiday from this blog, looking after my little boy everyday until he starts at the kindergarten in September, but from then on I'll have a bit more time for music and associated projects, and hopefully you will have listened faithfully to the 60 songs already uploaded, and be ready for the next daily deliveries.
I will also have my new album out hopefully, and have a tour booked (yet to secure a label, but that will come very soon I hope!) and then I can come and visit you personally :-)
Enjoy my music, and you can leave a comment without registering, so please feel free to write me.
See you soon!

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