Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 23 Song 23 - Wild Country Girl

leaving my wild city life
cos it's getting in my lungs
sick of dance and drink and rugs
thou seek your peace in the leaves
and the sky'll shine all day
and we'll eat and sleep and lay

he was my wild country boy
he had feathers in his hair
he took me riding on his horse everywhere
and we went shooting bows and arrows
and we played wretched games
we gave and lived under the rain

no two-time running man
will save my soul for me
no promises will stop me live my dreams

i was a wild country girl
i had feathers in her hair
and i hitch-hiked everywhere
my best-friend made guitars
and we stayed up all night
and his wife she didn't mind

no two-time etc.
no hard-done tellin boss-man
will get inside my day
i'm gonna have my fun and have my way

this is our wild country life
and we run around all night
and we cry and laugh and fight
these are our wild country babes
and they love it in the dirt
and they smile and play and hurt

no two-time etc.
no hard-done etc.
i'm gonna have my fun
i'm gonna have my life
i'm gonna have my love and have my way
Wild country girl by Justine_Electra

Day 22 Song 22 - Inside Yr Heaven

At the time when Hanno Leichtmann and I were working together (around 2000) I had a contract with a sub-company of BMG called K&P music, who some of you may know as Krall und Puppe of German "City" band fame. They were both very eager for me to record a hit-song (remember the days of militant record company managers?) and just LOVED Inside your Heaven.

Inside yr Heaven by Justine_Electra

Day 21 Song 21 - Can't Explain

If you are older than 25 then you probably have at least 1,2 if not 3 relationships that really made a deep impression on you psychically... and that is most likely because you "lost" meaning: you got dumped :-P and if the person/s who dumped you was passionately interested in some aspect of your creativity, then you probably found yourself on a kind of "pavlov's dog" endless cycle of productivity at the end of the relationship. some would call it "musing"... "Can't Explain" is one of a massive series of songs I did over a period of months in 2008... don't listen to it if you're in a good mood :-P although you can hear birds chirping in the background!
Can't Explain by Justine_Electra
i set you free
my little bumblebee
it's not so bad
it's not so bad
when you feel the pain
the pain of heartache
and it feels the same
i let it in
i let it in
it feels warm inside
the feel of heartache

i know what is
and i tell it loud
you cannot lose
when you love the crowd
i never noticed
just how hard it feels
the pain of heartache
when you let it in

it's not so bad
being on your own
the freedom whispers in the telephone
what will i do
with my time today?
i think i'll work it,
work through the pain
it's not so bad
when you work it out
it's not so bad
when you work it out
i let it in
and i tell you straight,
it's not too late

i'll find another
with a golden hand
who takes me swimming
who'll understand
with whom i'll sing
with whom i'll swim

it's not so bad
when you work it out
just who is running
and who's had enough
i build these pictures
inside my brain
and some get scrambled
and some explain

explain to me exactly what you mean
explain to me
come inside with me
i will help you feel
is always strange when you work it out
i can't explain what it's all about
just choose your rides
get on it properly
you can jump off
before the end is near

they gave me a message
i have to get up
and i have to pray
i must believe
in the times to come
or incomplete
my mission
to tell you now
to tell you now

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