Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 43 Song 43 - Gypsy (Say Say)

If you are familiar with the latest releases of Brian Cares, colourful and talented resident Bar 25 DJ (Berlin, Berlin) then you will be more than aware of this song. It's called "Gypsy" but I call it "Say Say". We made it together a couple of years ago when we spent a couple of weeks joined at the hip (metaphorically speaking) and enjoyed many hours sharing musical inspiration together in various kneippe between Treptow and Grell Strasse. When I asked him to say some words about DJing tekno he said "It's easy! Just like playing Lego!" God love you Bri.

Day 42 Song 42 - Inxs

This is the notorious Inxs cover song.
I still love it!
I hope you do too.
Today's post is dedicated to my regular, yet hidden, listener Herr Dirk Holzberger. Gute besserung wunsch ich Dir, und komm gut nach hause!

Day 41 Song 41 - Great Skate Date

The weather is getting hotter! I hope you're digging out your sunscreen and unpacking your fan :-)
And now my damn mac is going down...
Sorry for the sporadic posts - after 3 days of struggling I am facing the fact that I have to take my computer to the doctor...
BTW if you want to stream my music, just go here to my soundcloud site, and press "play" on the first song on the page!

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