Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Green Disco Album Release 6th December 2013!!!

Yes it's official. The new album artwork and mastered tracks have finally been sent to the CD plant, and will be ready to pre-order in 10 days or so!!!
If the vinyl interest is high enough, then we'll make a vinyl too! The singles are all going to come out in July and August, with exciting and provocative B-sides (really!) well at least that's the reaction I always get when they are played, so since I am too lazy to put them on the album, I'll just get 'em out this way :-) Andre from Neun Volt Records is helping me immensely with the preparation for the promo, and my new flatmate Hannah O'Hare was like an angel from heaven completing the changes on the artwork for me this last week, so I especially have to thank the both of you. And Hannes Früh has been endlessly supportive with all kinds of photographic and domestic forays, and Steffen Bartneck too of course, so I have to thank the both of you too. The other massive hero in this story is Jens Friebe who is my backer on the CD manufacturing front, THANK YOU JENS!!!
I am sooo happy, this is finally happening!!!
Neun Volt Recordings
Jens Friebe
Hannes Früh
Michael Okraj
Karen Strempel
Dominik Mader

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