Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2 Song 2 - Ring a Rosie

This is called "Ring a Rosie"
The background loop was edited using a good old Atari.
It sums up the feeling in Berlin after a hectic night on the town on May 1st.
It also reminds me of my missing cat Rosie. He's still at Karsten's Cat Farm waiting to get picked up.

Ring a Rosie by user1218154

Easy listening!

Day 1 Song 1 - Nippon Darkness

Hello! You are probably reading this because you have heard of other music from Justine Electra (me) and I recommended that you come visit my blog. After watching "Julie and Julia" I decided that it's not enough to just write a blog. You have to make a CHALLENGE!

Anyone who knows me probably saw my music archives - it's all stored on DVDs and CDs as ProTools files in an Ikea cabinet in my pretend music studio in my flat in downtown Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. A space-clearer said I should make a best-of my hand-made, hand-produced songs and throw the rest away. She's right - I feel somewhat shackled by my disorganised back-catalogue, and since the baby came i really need to make space.

The songs are going to get uploaded one by one, and your feedback will help me with my "best of". If you want to buy a song for private or commercial use, then just hit the order now button and I will send you the song.

BTW I would be flattered if anyone wanted to do a cover version of any of them - for whatever reason. Let me know if you need chords or lyrics. If you intend to sell the cover version, then email me and we can discuss publishing details.

Also, if you want any tracks for remixing purposes then don't hesitate to ask!

If I get behind then I'll publish a number of mp3s at once, but the maximum allowed behind-ness is 7 days.

Here is the first song. It's called "Nippon Darkness". Actually it's a cover of a Will Oldham song "I See a Darkness", and was made famous by Johnny Cash. Acid Pauli did a version (I DJ it in tek-house sets) but it wasn't until Till Kuenzel made the Tresor documentary "Sub-Berlin" and commissioned me to record a cover version that I considered covering it myself.

Nippon Darkness by user1218154

See you tomorrow!

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