Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Artist Future - Weasel's Fist

Jan Hendrik Meyer. What a wonderful man-child. I had the good fortune to "live" or more likely "philosophise" with Jan for 2 years back at the turn of the century, and am all the more rich for it. He has a beautiful gentle way about him. He is huge and has a sweet gangliness about him which he over-emphasizes with intimate compliments and sweet self-deprecation. He is a blonde viking, and it offsets his drawing prowess beautifully. He knows EVERYTHING about film, art, music and Tocotronic. He taught me alot. Alot! I'm still searching for films he told me about, or showed me back then when we enjoyed our communal existence. And his personal charisma is unequalled. He takes grown men and women and turns them into putty in his hands with no more than 5 words and a head-cock to the side. You should have seen the flatmate interviews! We had to rent a room out once and did that notice-in-the-paper "Shallow Grave" type thing, where the potential tenants turn up all washed and sprightly and you and your other flatmates pose test questions like: "If you got into the shower and noticed the drain was full of pubes would you a) scream b) cover them with the soap or c) put on rubber gloves and remove them? or d) all of the above. The potential flatmates always fell in love with Jan in about 5 seconds flat and then would just shake trying to think up answers just so's they'd get to live with that hot gentle giant:

Now he lives in the idyllic countryside and composes songs with a passion. He has 29 uploads already! Here's one of them:

for heaven's sake let's dance by weasel's fist


BlogFrog said...

oh, wieder einmal ein schönes stück musik, auf das du da verweist. habt ihr denn auch mal zusammen gearbeitet und nen song produziert? mir wäre so, als hätte ich den namen jan hendrik meyer schon mal auf diesem blog gelesen.

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