Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

I just had to write that at the top of this post. Please don't be mad at me.
And I know I've been super lazy with this blog, but hey, you try juggling a baby, a household, a burgeoning musical career (always burgeoning) and No Maid! Maybe my Chomsky leanings are to blame, or the fact that I myself did so many shit jobs in my life, but I just can't bring myself to "get help". Not withstanding the fact that I probably couldn't afford it anyway... although I am not averse to a babysitter every now and then...
I was really saddened by the "Biblical Floods" in the state of Queensland over the last week. I dug out a song I once wrote about the subject - I wrote it because I read in the newspaper that flooding was one of the side-effects of global warming, and I always like to be prepared. It went like this:
"We're under water. We're under water now. We're under water. We're under water now."
"The rains came, the water rose, I saw the priest in a boat, the windows blew, the dogs flew away, there won't be no drinking today..." etc. etc. If I get some time to record it, you will see it here on this blog.

I am dedicating this post to my new friend and fan "Anna" who wrote me the loveliest ever pre-xmas fanmail. I will take the liberty to publish it, as Anna doesn't divulge her surname:

dear justine

in the last few days i've been listening a lot to your soundcloud. one night i fell in love again with soft rock (killalady especially) and looked around to find new stuff of yours...
i am very happy with the blog/ radio - there is a lot new stuff.
i think these days my very favorite one is boozy shoes, dance to it in my kitchen when i'm alone. but i also like the sad ones.
what about your cover if wo die nordseewellen? i heard this song many many years ago, actually when i heard you the first time, in volksbühne, playing with le tigre.
if you have a recording of that i would love to hear it!

anyways, i just wanted to say hi and how happy it makes me to have found all these songs to listen to.
hope you keep on with the project.
with all the best mid-winter-wishes,

Nordseewellen is a fabulous song which I always wanted to get down. I found the lyrics online in a Schleswig-Holstein traditional song website, which I was perusing for signs of a song which apparently my Oma insisted on singing at my Uncle's funeral, called "Der Schleswig-Holsteiner". The lyrics of Nordseewellen moved me SO MUCH however, I was forced immediately to bring them into a modern song form. The results have only been broadcasted live so far. The song also contains a bootleg of the bassline from "Come Together" by the Beatles, which maybe makes me a little annoyed in advance of having the royalties of the song stolen from me by rich musical oligarchs (not referring to the Beatles of course, but the crazy bunch of lawyers who are probably living off Apple Recordings nowadays). Anyway, what's a kooky blog without a bit of ranty-raving these days!?


BlogFrog said...

i'm very very excited about everything coming up this year on this wonderful and unique blog.
keep on rocking, justine!
happy new year!!!

ich wünsche dir viel kreativität und dass deine liebe zur musik neue songs für anna, mich und alle anderen da draußen hervorbringt!!


Anonymous said...

Ciao Tiggggrrrrr
You've got a new home and a baby!?!? Did you go online shopping? Dr. Rosalinda is still purring. I'm sure you are all in good shape and still dancing! Unlike Moppy, who slammed into the fridge door because he was hungry! Since I've been gone for so long I did some catching up on you! Danced to your radio station, guess where! Yo down the road from yer! In Cottbus! Whether you like it or not!
yeah it's me rakaroo
please give me a shout!

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