Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 47 Song 47 - Jeannie in the Rushes

London London London! What a Lovely town! Max Cole - if you're out there, this is for you!
Max and I met on the fateful Red Bull Music Academy Capetown in 2004 or some such ancient time. We got drunk a LOT and drank a LOT of Red Bull. We also swam in the pool, the ocean and DJed and danced for 2 weeks straight. If you're considering entering the Red Bull thing, then DO IT, it's maybe kind of drinks propoganda and not much academy really, but it's AWESOME.
Anyway, one time in London Max and I recorded this song on his brand new M-box.
Big arps.

Day 46 Song 46 - S-Bahn

Have you ever been to Berlin? If so then you know what an S-Bahn is. If not, an S-Bahn is the city train. It's great. I could wax endlessly about the beauties of the Berlin public transport system, but I don't have time. Just believe me - It's Ace!

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