Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 8 Song 8 - 40,000 years

Jor-El makes really great synth electro-pop dancefloor tracks, and I remixed one of them. It's called "40,000 years" and is, like most of the songs on my blog, only available here :-) I DJ it in my tek-house set sometimes, and sing live over the top. It is very fun.
40,000 years by user1218154
btw soundcloud rocks right now!

Day 7 Song 7 - Los Angeles City (EXTREME REMIX)

Matti Montgomery calls this "The Google Maps Song". It emerged while looking fervently at a Google Map of L..A. I decided to go there to escape certain death (that isimportant sometimes) and ended up recording it in the Valley with some very nice guys whose names I am actually not sure of (met them on shrooms), but I'll look it up and post it next week. My good friend and guide, Moss Seros, annihalated all present with his battle-axe guitar playing shreds.

Los Angeles City (EXTREME REMIX) by user1218154

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