Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 32 Song 32 - Fancy Robots


Luis said...

hey justine,

listening :)
remember summer camp last year ? you were performing great :))
would you care to play again this year (on live floor) ?

dates are 13/14 of august.

Would be a big pleasure !


mz said...

faaaancy robots!! great great best, best song ever! unfortunately far too little noted.
i'll write a radio host on bayern3 to play it

Martin B. said...

Ein Klassiker!!!!

me said...

hey luis - i have written you an email... i would LOVE to play at camp tipsy! such a great vibe there :-) i really love it... i actually performed with static at the very first camp tipsy in 2ooo was it? i've loved it ever since :-)) thanks for the request!
@mz thanks for the dedication! you're right - it should be played more often on the radio! sometimes motor fm play it i think :-)
@martin thank you so much :-)

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