Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 17 Song 17 - This Could Be The Most Beautiful Noise

Bonjour fellow traveller!
This old song was recorded in downtown San Francisco in 2008. My buddy Joe has a studio in his basement there which he graciously let me use for around 2 months. I met a very cute boy in a pub nearby who plays guitar in The Hospitals, and he played the very crunchy electric which thunders on through the track. Although circumstances denied me more intimate relations with the young Chris Gunn, his guitar solo retains a permanent place in my heart.
This Could Be The Most Beautiful Noise by Justine_Electra


Ian Wadley said...

hey don't listen to my advice (for I too am shackled by hoarded crap) but you could buy a 1TB extHDD (cheap as chips these days, size of a book) and store the lot - 1000GB = 250dvds (or 1234+ cds). PS LOVE THE BLOG

Joni said...

What a brilliant idea! A daily dose of Justine Electra. This reminds me of the songs on a very early hand burned (or is it burnt) CD, that lived in a green CD case but never quite made it home as it was played constantly.

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